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As the largest manufacturer of boat trailers in the Pacific Northwest, we take pride in excellent customer service.

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Tuff Trailer is the premier provider of maintenance free boat trailers for recreational, commercial, and government use. We are the largest manufacturer of boat trailers in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Washington. When you want the best in quality, durability, and performance, look no further than our state of the art boat trailers. We offer a wide range of custom trailers in aluminum, galvanized and painted steel frames. We also supply quality parts so your boat trailer will always be in top condition.

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Boat Trailers of Every Type

Tuff Trailer is the best source for boat trailers in the US and Canada. We take pride in designing and fabricating superior boat trailers that adhere to the highest industry standards. We have boat trailers of every type, including aluminum, galvanized or painted steel frames for outboards, inboards, catamarans, landing craft, sailboats, and more. We can custom build your trailer in as little as three weeks, so you can have your trailer quickly and according to your specifications.

We have a wide array of parts to select from including wheels, lights, tool boxes, and accessories. No matter what part you need to repair your boat trailer, we can supply it. Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for boat trailers, parts, and service, all at competitive prices. We are here to provide the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Contact us for more information about aluminum, galvanized or painted boat trailers by calling (360) 398-0300 or e-mailing today.

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