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Tuff Trailer is the premier provider of custom built aluminum, galvanized, and painted steel boat trailers. Our manufacturing facility and retail office located in Ferndale, Washington provides customers the chance to order a custom built boat trailer made from aluminum, galvanized or painted welded steel. Our aluminum trailers are lightweight, but sturdy, and our galvanized trailers are able to pull heavy loads. Our painted steel trailers offer an affordable alternative, especially for fresh water boaters. Please call or email us to get a quote on a custom trailer for your boat.


Custom Boat Trailers for All Sizes and Styles of Boats


We understand you may have unique requirements for your boat trailer. To satisfy your needs, we offer custom boat trailers built to your specifications. Most of our orders are completed in as little as three weeks, allowing you to get your boat on the water quickly.


Boat Trailer Repairs and Parts


In addition to custom trailers, we offer a great selection of boat trailer parts for repairs. If you need help with repairing your trailer, we can do that too. Just drop your trailer off at our shop and we'll fix it for you.

Custom Built Aluminum, Galvanized and Painted Boat Trailers from Tuff Trailer

Everyone loves our products because our philosophy when building the big trailers flows all the way down to the small trailers.

Call today to find the part you need at a price you'll love.



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