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Tuff Trailer is a the number one place to get custom boat trailers in Seattle, Washington. We make sure that you get the best trailers with the toughest and most sturdy materials available. Our custom aluminum trailers come painted to your specifications as well as galvanized boat trailers in many different sizes and dimensions.

Custom Boat Trailers at Tuff Trailer

Everyone loves our products because our philosophy when building the big trailers flows all the way down to the small trailers.

Depending on the materials and your specifications the capabilities of our custom trailers are vastly more available than many other companies offering custom boat trailers.  

Let us provide you with options

Our mission is to give our customers the complete package of custom services for their trailers. We provide only the most sophisticated designs and durable materials at the best price available. We make sure we offer the best so our customers always receive the best.

Our Custom Boat Trailer Sizes Include:

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Jack Coupler Boat Trailer
  • Painted Trailers from 8 feet with a load capacity of 910 pounds up to 40+ feet.

  • Building Galvanized Boat Trailers at 19 feet with a 4500 pound load capacity. You can also get a range up to a 37 foot trailer with 17,200 pounds of load capacity.

  • Building aluminum trailers from boats 15 to 30 feet. They load capacities that range from 2,600 to 13,000 pounds. There are options of electric over hydraulic and saltwater electric brakes that are also included.


We aim to please so satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Tuff Trailer is here to provide you with the best service in Seattle, Washington

To order custom boat trailers from Tuff Trailer please call (360) 398-0300 and speak to a professional today.